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cross laminated timber (CLT)

Lightweight yet very strong, with superior acoustic, fire, seismic, and thermal performance, CLT is also fast and easy to install, generating almost no waste onsite. CLT offers design flexibility and low environmental impacts. For these reasons, cross-laminated timber is proving to be a highly advantageous alternative to conventional materials like concrete, masonry, or steel, especially in multi-family and commercial construction.


smart technology

100% of our Blockhouse Life Modules have a patent pending Smart Wall where the kitchen attaches to one side and the bathroom to the other. The software is included in the wall and is voice activated to control all the smart home features.


assembly & installation

All of the walls plumbing, mechanical systems, data/WiFi and the majority of the electrical components are pre-installed in the factory. We bring the skilled trades indoors where it is safer and the weather is always 72 and sunny.


 in the works


South Perry | Spokane, WA


where to next?


We’ve got our eye on a few places.