What "Passive" Means to Blockhouse | Life

Our aim at Blockhouse | Life is to construct passive modular homes. This means that we conserve as much energy as possible by utilizing efficient construction materials and assembly strategies. One way we achieve this is with cross laminated timber, an eco-friendly lumber product that comprises the frame of each Blockhouse. CLT acts as an exceptional insulator, keeping the space sealed to ensure year-round temperature control. The panels of CLT will be transported to the Blockhouse | Life site in pre-manufactured pieces, which cuts down on building time since they act as large Lego blocks that can be easily put together. Additionally, our Blockhouses will be outfitted with Pella InsulShield glass windows to further aid energy conservation. These windows have two panes to keep our homes warm during the winter and cold during the summer. We want to promote a sustainable lifestyle, and reducing energy use at the outset helps us accomplish this.

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Liv McShane