The SmartWall

Blockhouse | Life - Perry homes will feature a SmartWall manufactured by our strategic partner Vestis Systems. The SmartWall is a complete solution that includes all of the necessary utilities for our Blockhouses: plumbing, mechanical, electrical, and data. This layout maximizes space within each Blockhouse so that residents have more room to relax while still having access to the appliances they need. Pre-manufacturing cuts down on construction and assembly costs, allowing the SmartWall to be efficiently installed into the Blockhouse in one piece. Installing all of the appliances in one wall will make any maintenance less complicated than it would be with separate mechanical/electric/plumbing systems. We will also be integrating smart home controls into the wall which will be controlled using a touch screen device. The SmartWall will revolutionize modular housing, providing a unified network of utilities to optimize alternative living.

Liv McShane