Breaking Ground at Blockhouse | Life - Perry

This week, breaking ground has begun at the first ever Blockhouse | Life housing development. We are excited to bring a progressive, sustainable, modular living community to Spokane’s Perry District neighborhood. The Blockhouse | Life – Perry site is currently being leveled in preparation for the assembly of 14 single- and multi-resident units. These units will be built using eco-friendly cross laminated timber, which comes in pre-manufactured pieces that will streamline the construction process. Our development includes various features to promote an alternative lifestyle, such as short-term rentals, comprehensive rent and utility bills, green transportation methods, and local food subscriptions. Blockhouse | Life residents will experience a new way of living and recreating, growing closer to their fellow community members and getting to know Spokane better. Our goal for Blockhouse | Life – Perry and for all of our future developments is to change the housing industry so that our tenants can live well and feel good about it.

Liv McShane