Utilizing Alternative Transportation

Alternative living is an important aspect of Blockhouse | Life. We want to emphasize this through the use of green, urban transport methods in an attempt to reduce our reliance on carbon-emitting vehicles. The Blockhouse | Life development in Spokane’s Perry District has access to various convenient modes of transportation which reduce environmental impact. There is an STA (Spokane Transit Authority) bus line across from the development with a direct route from Perry District to downtown. Lime bikes and scooters are available to the neighborhood, providing a fun, inexpensive transit option for community members. The Blockhouse | Life Perry site will also include an Uber/Lyft pick-up hub with a sheltered bench. There will be limited parking on site to maximize space for Blockhouses and encourage use of alternative transportation. Perry District is only a seven-minute drive from downtown Spokane, and a five-minute drive from the University District. This proximity makes using green transit even easier. With the abundance of alternative transport options, Blockhouse | Life residents will have no trouble getting around efficiently and sustainably.

Liv McShane