Utilizing Mass Timber

Blockhouse | Life is focused on building modular homes efficiently. Our strategic partner, Vaagen Timbers, is making this possible by providing cross-laminated timber, an eco-friendly building material that will comprise Blockhouse | Life structures. Vaagen Timbers produces their timber from smaller logs, which helps clear out unhealthy trees from the forest and in turn reduces the risk of forest fires. CLT walls reduce the complexity of the construction process, allowing for fast and uncomplicated assembly. An important goal of Blockhouse | Life is to create comfortable alternative living spaces for our community members. CLT accomplishes this, acting as an ideal construction material for our adaptive homes. It allows for air-tight insulation, optimizing the indoor temperature to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Utilizing sustainable, practical, and livable building materials will make people feel great about living at Blockhouse | Life.

Liv McShane